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Social media is an extraordinary tool for promoting your company. Social marketing, i.e. marketing promoted on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest, etc., requires an integrated and long-term strategy. BFS plans a social strategy, together with its customers, that will enhance the brand, through: Social strategy planning | ADV Campaign Management | Content creation | Interaction with users.

Video Marketing

Company videos produced for a trade fair are a powerful tool to make yourself known and make your brand known, highlighting the vision and mission of the company to reach the maximum audience by sharing on social platforms, through: Timelapse / slowmotion installations | Big Screen Videos |Installation videos | Interviews |Aerial photography with drones.

Photo coverage

Photos during the event represent a proven tool not only for the social world, but also because they convey the corporate identity. Shots of speeches as well as the inside and outside of the booth show all of the personalities and products present.
Relying on BFS means relying on an expert who will capture the perfect moments with professional equipment, using advanced technologies and guarantee a speedy delivery, through: Set-up coverage/Event coverage |Booth virtual tours.

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Frequently asked questions

Social Services

What is an editorial plan?

The editorial plan is a calendar that allows you to strategically and regularly distribute content on different social channels. This tool defines the weekly/monthly/annual frequency of posts, the channels involved and any sponsorships to be set.

What are the starting points for creating a good social strategy?

There are five fundamental pillars on which an effective social strategy is based: Objectives: the objectives must be credible and always in line with your online marketing strategy. Target: Determine what type of customer you want to target to create tailored content. Recurring content: content must be original and scheduled. Channels -Choose which social networks to use. Process – Set up an effective strategy.

Which social networks are best suited for a trade fair event?

There is no social network more suitable than another, the choice of social channel is made after planning objectives and selecting targets.

How much budget should I spend on an ADV social campaign?

The cost varies according to your needs. There is no standard budget for ADV social campaigns, but there are several objectives that are part of the online marketing strategy.

How many photographers or videomakers is it recommended to have during an event?

The selection of professionals who will follow you during the event has to be evaluated beforehand, depending on the objectives of each client. Once a marketing strategy has been defined, we’ll have to define the people involved and produce a detailed quote.

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