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Landing Page

The landing page is a commercial web page we use to promote a service or product: it is the page that people expect to find in response to their online searches: direct, fast, effective.

At BFS we design effective landing pages to meet three needs: spreading awareness of your participation in an event, promoting or selling services, Increasing the visibility of your corporate brand.

We also evaluate the cost/benefit ratio in adding to the landing a digital adv aimed at promoting visibility before and during your event.

One page website

The one page website consists of a single page that’s characterized by a vertical layout.

It’s professional, simple and suitable to enhance a small company. We also offer it on the occasion of a trade fair event when you want to enhance visibility with the simplicity of a link to send to your contacts: both leads or prospects.

This solution presents all the information in a direct and immediate way, encouraging you to fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Multi-page website

A multipage website is organized on several pages within which you can navigate: from institutional content to services/products, blogs and contacts.

The Home Page, in anticipation of participation in a fair/event, will focus on drawing attention to the upcoming event.

The menu items will then refer you to deeper aspects of the company.

Just like the Landing Page and the One Page website, it will be possible, through a call to action, to receive contacts, request information or book an appointment during the days of the fair.

Dem or Newsletter

Email is the most widely used communication tool in direct marketing.
The digital experience has made users accustomed to receiving hundreds of e-mails. For this reason, it is essential to plan DEM and newsletters with effective and attractive content.
To do this, it’s important to know your target audience by creating a tailored communication and respect the rule of the 5 Ws of journalism – Who?, What?, When?, Where?, Why?. You want to write clearly, adding a text to an equally effective image.
With the DEM or the Newsletter you can communicate to your users the upcoming fairs or events you will be attending, inviting them not only to participate but also offering them exclusive deals.
At the end of each send we obtain the results.

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Frequently asked questions

Digital Tools

Is there an alternative to a Landing Page?

It is possible to refer users to the website or to a specific page already present, but you risk losing effectiveness.

When is a Landing Page not effective?

When it is not focused on a call to action, it becomes a distraction from the question we typed in the search engine and it’s not the most comprehensive solution to the online marketing campaign related to it.

What is the difference between a Landing Page and a website?

The Landing Page is a web page that aims to promote a specific Call-To-Action, whether it’s subscribing to the newsletter, purchasing a product/service, or getting new contacts. It is usually the answer to an online marketing campaign: an AdWords ad, a paid advertisement on Facebook or even an email marketing campaign. Basically it must therefore intercept a single need/issue, create trust and stimulate a desire. The website is instead the place where the user can fully discover a company: read the mission and history, discover the members of the team, analyze the services/ products offered, browse the portfolio and evaluate customer reviews. The website is essentially an online business card.


What are the advantages of a One Page website?

The ease of consultation in the first place, because the information is not divided into several pages, but all aggregated into one. A well-developed one page website also has very fast loading times and a high responsiveness on mobile.

How can I recognize if a website is "well done"?

Right from the Home page it must be clear the industry in which the company operates. It must be pleasant to navigate on any device (mobile phone, tablet, laptop), fast to load and ensure a simple and intuitive user experience.

What is the difference between a DEM and a Newsletter?

A DEM is a Direct Marketing tool with a more commercial focus than the Newsletter, which is instead able to retain its customers and acquire new ones. The DEM aims to converge its users to a call to action, while the Newsletter aims to retain the customer with certain periodicity by sending updates, news, discounts, etc.

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