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Would you like to open your store on Amazon, sell your products and then expand your sales network around the world? It’s not easy to do, that’s why we at BFS will help you and accompany you through all the stages of implementation up to employee training to make you manage it independently.


A service that allows you to sell food and household products in packs for everyday use.
The user who buys with “Amazon Prime” can create an actual shopping list where you can put the products along with other sellers’ ones to receive them directly at home.

A service designed for professionals and companies of all sizes. There are a number of useful tools for inventory management, billing and visibility control. By setting up an account you can start selling and buying on Amazon’s B2B world.

Service Europe

A service that allows you to start selling on Amazon. Thanks to the intuitive interface of Amazon seller Central you can manage your inventory, product sheets and stocks of all European markets in complete comfort from a single platform.


Brand Page Amazon

One of Amazon’s main limitations has always been the graphic rigidity of its shop windows, greatly limiting the seller’s power to enhance the brand. However, even in Italy recently, registered brands have the possibility to customize their stores so that it’s coordinated with their corporate communications.
BFS creates brand pages, also providing the copywriting service for the processing of enriched content, which is essential for positioning on the platform. We research the navigational architecture according to the categories of the product catalogue and the available multimedia/photographic contents, providing ample visibility options.

Product catalog

Thanks to Amazon you can sell everything (or almost everything) online. This is a great advantage, but it results in a huge amount of bureaucracy and information.
With our service we will help you identify the appropriate sales categories where you can offer your items, providing you with all the information and sales rules of the intricate online sales system!
The presentation of the data has the task of attracting the potential customer to the purchase by providing the right information and elevating the features of your items compared to competitors.

Assistance and training

We will help you understand how to have full control of the platform and how to manage the customer service interface, making you independent in managing the entire process.
You will be able to carry out some actions in complete autonomy: update contents and stocks of product sheets, sales management in Italy, sales management abroad, update the brand products page, view bills and payments, respond to users’ requests for information.
Our aim is to provide you the freedom of interaction and control!

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Frequently asked questions

Sell online on Amazon

What products can I sell on Amazon?

You can sell items in these categories: Electronic Accessories, Computer Accessories, Accessories for Amazon devices, Cars and Motorcycles, Early Childhood, Stationery and Office Products, Home, Trade, Industry and Science, Video Game Consoles, Cooking, Personal Care, DVD, Electronics, DIY, Garden, Games and Toys, Jewellery, Lighting, Computer Science, Books, Watches, Tires, Shoes and Bags, Software and Video Games, Sports and Leisure, Luggage, Video. We will help you understand if and how your product is marketable, according to the rules of the platform.

How much does it cost to sell on Amazon?

Amazon requires a monthly registration fee + costs related to the sale reports + a number of accessory costs and fees. Our job will be to help you navigate through these expenses by providing you with the information you need to predict what total expenses you will have to contribute to the platform.

How do I receive payments on Amazon?

We will add your bank account to the platform to allow you to receive Amazon payments for your sales.

What are the benefits of selling on Amazon?

Selling on Amazon allows you to open a new sales channel, with the visibility benefits that come from the famous platform. Millions of users buy products every day all over the world! With our help you will easily manage sales in all the markets you want to reach.

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