Example of 32 M2


  • Carpet set down with nylon protection sheet
  • Perimeter truss structure H cm 300, section cm 30×30
  • White painted walls H cm 300
  • Storeroom cm 100×100 with lockable leaf door

Electrical Equipment

  • N. 6 spotlights
  • N. 1 multi-socket 220V


N. 1 sign for each open side with Company Name in black Arial cut vinyl.


  • N. 2 rectangular tables
  • N. 6 chairs
  • N. 2 counters
  • N. 2 stools
  • N. 2 coat stands
  • N. 2 waste baskets


The equipment above gets increased by multiples of 32 sqm.

Carpet color can be changed for an extra fee.
It is allowed to attach graphics onto the walls only with pins or headless nails.

It is possible to leave out all or some items by notifying it to BF Servizi – no replacements or price reduction allowed.

Important Safety Notes and Regulations

It is strictly forbidden to add live loads to all pre-fitted booths – Exhibitors who need to attach or hang anything onto the panels must be authorized by BF Servizi.

It is forbidden to use any tool or device that may ruin the panels and/or their coating – any damage will be priced and charged after the exhibition.

Maximum load allowed on each shelf 5kg. If not arranged in advance, positioning may be changed on-site only by BF Servizi: an extra fee may be applied.

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