BFS sets up Milleluci, Cersaie’s fourth collective B2B exhibition.

The exhibition is inspired by the television variety show presented by Mina and Raffaella Carrà in 1974. And just as milleluci consisted of 8 episodes, each with a specific theme, so too the exhibition will be divided into ten thematic sets, each devoted to a specific cinematographic or theatrical genre. Visitors will find themselves immersed in a variety of scenarios as part of a multisensorial journey, where luminous atmospheres combine with classical forms and different styles to enhance matter, surfaces and product design. They will be catapulted into a famous spy story or an internationally acclaimed musical, a science fiction or horror film, a cartoon or a western. All with special light effects and visually striking scenery.

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Project by Angelo Dall’Aglio e Davide Vercelli