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We provide you with a wide range of exhibition services to make your experience even more complete and comfortable: from the installation itself to specialist personnel, from cleaning of the exhibition space to green furniture, from logistics to multimedia tools and much more.

We get to know your company, we listen to your needs and we create a project tailored to your business.

How do we create our tailored set-ups?
Discover the 6 steps of realization

attenta fasi di briefing

1. Briefing

The concept behind every fitting solution goes hand in hand with an accurate briefing stage; it is the time for discussion during which our designers gather together all the essential information to make the stand not just an exhibition space but a real extension of the brand.

Throughout this stage we will assist you in choosing the ideal stand fitting for your needs; together we will evaluate the best solutions to enhance your presence at the exhibition.

The aspects we address focus mainly on the following:

  • the exhibition space (technical features, dimensions, layout…);
  • the practical elements of your stand (e.g. a lounge area, a reception area, a desk, an office dedicated to business meetings, a refreshment area…)
  • the brand and the values ​​that it represents: objectives, strengths, etc.;
  • competitors from whom you wish to distinguish yourself;
  • brand identity: the company’s image will be portrayed on the stand in a coordinated and homogeneous way (logo, use of lines, shapes and colours…);
  • any kinds of materials required: wood parquet, porcelain stoneware tiles, glossy lacquered squares, glass or Plexiglas panels, illuminated signs, embossed graphics etc…;
  • the level of innovation that you want to include in the project: LED wall, screen, tablet supply, proximity marketing services…;
  • the product to be presented in order maximise its promotion;
  • the available budget
Progetto Grafico BFS

2. Graphic design

Once the briefing phase is over, our designers will utilise the ideas and inspiration collected to draw up a draft graphic design proposal with two main goals in mind:

  • to stir your emotions through a 3D render that will provide a visual explanation of every single detail;
  • to analyse the details of the project together in order to fulfil the communication needs.

Our proposals will be geared towards achieving not only a custom project in line with the exhibition specifics, but above all a project that delivers the best value for money.

3. Finalising the project

After a period of joint deliberation, we will be at the point to create the final version of the project.
Depending on the type of set-up, our designers will be able to recommend the most suitable fixtures and fittings to make each stand UNIQUE, PRACTICAL and WELCOMING!
The renderings presented will be created with the utmost care to allow you to view every detail in a realistic way.
Our production department also allows us to have a wide range of models, colours and shapes.
Once the final version of the project has been agreed, work can commence in the understanding that a number of minor details may vary during this stage.

4. Choosing the supplier

The success of a project is also down to those with whom we choose to work.

We are able to count on a reliable network of suppliers that allows us to guarantee the best delivery no matter where. We have forged partnerships with companies operating in a range of sectors and have already had experience working alongside them in managing large-scale events. This combined with the expert knowledge of the market means we can provide a fast and accurate solution to any request you may have.

When choosing our partners for each project, we analyse and compare a number of options to be sure to offer the client the highest quality at the right cost.

Realizzazione BFS

5. Timetable for the work

Once our fellow professionals have been chosen for the project, a timetable for the work with relevant milestones will established that will take into consideration those involved in the fitting and a timeline will be created for each task to be performed.

As a result, each work stage will be planned and monitored: during installation, during the event and dismantling.

We will be responsible for coordinating the installers every step of the way, so as to ensure a successful final result and that the deadlines are met.

We provide unique and high quality products that meet your expectations. Our carpentry department creates products from wood and its derivatives.

Our mechanical workshop takes care of all the steel and aluminium processing, from the furnishings to the load-bearing structure, always choosing the best available technology in line with budgets and the expected final result.

Our painting team makes sure that crude or semi-finished products undergo the finishing treatments.

Being able to choose from a wide range of materials allows us to offer our clients innovative and cutting edge solutions, all with their own strong personality.

The extensive experience acquired over the years in the installing exhibition spaces has also allowed us to hone our skills in producing graphics and digital prints on various types of surfaces and in the most diverse formats, in order to meet all the communication needs of our clients.

Every project uses high quality and resistant materials in order to give you the best final result. As a matter of fact, BFS Servizi boasts BS OHSAS 18001 certification for Safety and UNI EN ISO 9001 Quality certification for the Events Sector.

Even after the project for the stand has been successfully delivered, we are always on hand for any request.

BF Servizi, an all-inclusive service from project idea to project delivery!

Servizio Completo BFS

6. Delivery

All-inclusive service

Even after the project for the stand has been successfully delivered, we are always on hand for any request.

BF Servizi, an all-inclusive service from project idea to project delivery!

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