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BF Servizi is the company of BolognaFiere Group that specialises in providing solutions to satisfy any requirement and designing a wide range of events, including those not held in exhibition centres. BF Servizi offers all-inclusive solutions, expert technical support and specialist advice at each step of a project, from initial creative design to final project delivery. A wide range of innovative services, high-tech tools and qualified personnel allow BF Servizi to create tailor-made set-ups and events, guaranteeing high-standards in terms of quality, flexibility and professionalism. BF Servizi also deals with the development of innovative technological services designed to promote communication and interactions between the Exhibition Centre and the City of Bologna.


The products and solutions proposed are the result of years of experience. BF Servizi s.r.l was founded in 2003 and already possessed a wealth of experience gained over the years: it was actually a project brainchild of the BolognaFiere Group, specialists in organising events and trade fairs in Italy and around the world.

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A 52.7% acquisition of the Padua-based company GiPlanet, at the end of 2017, has allowed BF Servizi to expand and consolidate its role as a leading company in the setting up of fairs and events. The new corporate structure has allowed BFS to add another important part to its jigsaw: a production sector. This autonomous production arm has everything needed to create specific products such as parts for the fittings and furnishings In this way BF Servizi, through its own supply chain, directly controls all the activities connected to the exhibition world, from concept to completion.

At the end of 2019, the BFS Group acquired Dateci Spazio, an important Bolognese company that has been setting up events in Italy and abroad.
By doing so, the Group enriched its skills and resources, affirming itself as a top leader in the sector.


In addition, BFS boasts BS OHSAS 18001 certification for Safety and UNI EN ISO 9001 Quality certification for the Events sector. Certifications awarded by Kiwa Cermet (Certifying Body accredited by ACCREDIA) are a guarantee of the company’s constant commitment in respecting the necessary parameters and requisites. The achievement of the Health and Safety Management System at Work according to parameters 18001 demonstrates a determined effort made by BFS to safeguard the safety of all those work for it. The UNI EN ISO 9001 certification for the Events sector guarantees constant application of procedures aimed at providing a product-service with high quality standards, able to fully satisfy client needs.

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Our mission is simple and clear: to improve the quality of what is on offer in the exhibition sector, responding with increasing attention to the needs of those who interact with the Bologna venue, and to offer to an increasingly international market its expertise in exhibitions and temporary architecture.
We give shape to fitting and events tailored made to your business by providing quality and professionalism.
We do our very best to get to know our clients; we strive to understand their values, the targets to aim for and the goals to achieve. In this way we can make each stand and event, a real extension of their brand.